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Steps to Buying a Home

Step 1: Check your credit report and score

It’s smart to check your credit report. By law, you can get a free report once a year. The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate on your mortgage. Scores are based on:

• Payment history: Have you paid your bills on time?
• Amounts owed: What is your overall debt?
• Length of credit history: How long have you been borrowing money? Mortgage lenders like to see a long credit history.
• New credit: Have you applied for new credit?
• Types of credit: Lenders like to see a variety of types such as bank cards, car loans and student loans.

Step 2: Figure out how much you can afford

Or better yet, decide how much you’re willing to pay. Just because you can qualify for a larger mortgage doesn’t mean you want to have that kind of payment each month. Now is also a good time to research your housing market and start going to open houses in your prospective neighborhood to give you a good sense of what your money will get you.

Step 3: Find a real estate agent

This person will be your lifeline through the process. Your agent is your chief advocate, confidante and hand-holder in the process, so you want to find a good fit.

Step 4: Get pre-approved by a lender

It’s a smart move to get pre-approved for a loan early in your home search.  If you get in a multiple-offer scenario, being pre-approved may give you an edge because the seller will have more confidence that you will be approved for a loan large enough to purchase their home.

You are not obligated to get a loan from the lender who you get a mortgage pre-approval from. When it’s time to officially apply for a mortgage, it’s best to get loan estimates from at least three lenders to compare their interest rates and fees.

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